In the heart of Southern California, Lasting Memories by Larissa reigns supreme, we embark on a beautiful journey of capturing the magic of motherhood through pregnancy photography and precious memories. Pregnancy is a time of profound change and anticipation. What better way to treasure these moments than through the lens of a skilled Riverside Photographer? […]

Preserve Your Family’s Legacy with Stunning Family Portraits: Celebrate Milestones and Create a Lasting Memory for Future Generations! As a riverside family photographer, I understand the importance of preserving your family’s legacy. Family portraits are not just about capturing a moment in time; they are about creating a visual record of your family history that […]

Family portraits are a great way to preserve family’s legacy!

Collaboration ignites our creative spirits, and on this occasion, we had the pleasure of joining forces with the talented Goddess by Design. Together, we embarked on a sun-kissed adventure, capturing the essence of her exquisite bucket hat collection. Picture this: a warm winter day, where the sun gently caressed our skin, even though winter lingered […]

I had the chance to take my kids to the Ram’s training camp this past week. Of course my little football player enjoyed it, he loves everything football. I couldn’t help it to take some pictures, that’s just what I do. Watching the effort that goes into becoming a competitive team is so amazing. It […]

OMG! After my doctors appointment yesterday, it’s sinking in I’m really getting close to having a baby. I no longer am a 4 week patient. I have to report every 2 weeks. As I’ve gone through this pregnancy I have witnessed my body change and belly grow. I’m not in denial, maybe still shocked. You […]

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Having little ones is a challenge within itself, adding sports can sometimes make you go a little crazy.   Being a mom of a four year old, they go throw ups and downs of I want to play to I don’t.  At that age as a parent I feel it’s understandable to need to take […]

Capturing the transformative journey of welcoming a child into a family is an immense blessing. Tina & Mickey’s maternity session was a delightful opportunity to freeze this precious moment in time, even amidst the physical exhaustion that often accompanies pregnancy. From their first child’s arrival to this magical maternity session, being their photographer has been […]

Doing different events and stepping out of my comfort zone allows me to explore more on my creativity side.  Being able to capture the Mrs. Asia USA pageant was a very exhilarating experience to photograph.  This event was very colorful and exciting to be able to document.  The dresses and costumes that the ladies wore […]

Welcome everyone to my new and still being approved website.  I will post various sessions I have by blogging them.  I hope you enjoy visiting my site.  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me!  Have a great day.