It’s really coming!

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OMG! After my doctors appointment yesterday, it’s sinking in I’m really getting close to having a baby. I no longer am a 4 week patient. I have to report every 2 weeks. As I’ve gone through this pregnancy I have witnessed my body change and belly grow. I’m not in denial, maybe still shocked. You would think I would have brought something for my new addition coming. Nope! Not one piece of clothing, receiving blanket, hygiene, etc. I don’t know what I’m waiting for. Maybe being my forth child I think I don’t have to prepare. Boy am I wrong!

As fast as time flies you would think I would be preparing so everything is not last minute and rushed. I officially have 11 weeks left and am measuring at 30 weeks. I plan to work until I POP so I need to get some fire ignited.

Am I the only momma out there who have experienced this?

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