A moment with your photograpHer

Hey ya’ll! I attempted self portraits. I know I love preserving memories and creating imagery for others, but being in front of a camera for me is uncomfortable. Regardless how uncomfortable I felt, I still did it. I am in season in my journey of being uncomfortable for growth. Not easy, but now I’m here sharing me, with you.

I made a conscious chose, last year to spread positive vibes and do my part in being the change in the world (my world). How I’ve been working on that is by: thanking GOD when everything is not okay, always remembering my blessings, being kind to others as well as myself, acknowledging I can only control me. Thus far I have noticed a change in not only me, but my relationships with others. In exploring and continuing to grow, what better way and audience to show my vulnerability to you. Oh yeah I had to include my hunny in a few. Without the support, mountains would not be moving. I hope you enjoy and remember we only have power over oneself.

Stay blessed!


  1. Love your pictures! I seen the little ballerina . Beautiful pic

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