This kid!

This kid I have is something else. He is not my only child so I’ve experienced different personalities in kids for sure. All my kids are different. The one in question is a handful already in his personality. Him being so young I see the determination he already posses. I have finally got to a point where he will let me photograph him, with a cost though. His fee is usually McDonalds or ice cream.

This kid started sports at the age of 3. At four he started his first season of tackle football. It was rough, he cried and his work ethic was not quite there yet. Fast forward to this season and he was killing the game. One of the littlest on the team, but he has the most heart. He would go against the biggest kid on the field. He literally eats, sleeps and shits football. This kid will watch youtube and play Madden to learn new moves and tricks and he’s only 6. This kid is also determined to know what everything is in an academic since as well. We can only wait to see what the future holds for him.

I was able to bribe him in capturing some amazing photos of him and his gear. These photos sum up him and his personality to a tee. The next wave of powerhouse kids.

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