SJV Eagles 6U

Being a parent you always wonder what sports are best for your child. Will my child perform in the sport I put him/her in. As a parent I faced that same question in deciding to put my then 4 year old on the SJV Eagles 6U football team. Fast forward to my son’s second season he is surpassing my expectations.

Each and every week I watch the SJV Eagles 6U and their opponents put it all on the field during game time. The division my son plays on is 6 & under. Watching the dedication these kids have to learn and play the game is amazing. They practice 3x’s a week for a minimum of three months is hard. The kid’s show up and work week after week. Football not being an easy sport to play. Game time is amazing watching them blossom and improve each week. Going into their 7th week game they have improved so much. As a photographer being able to document these moments are incredible.

Let’s remember no matter what side of the ball you’re on it’s about the kids first. Us parents have to not only encourage our kids, but also teach them good sportsmanship. This is where good habits start. Now let’s enjoy some youth football!

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